Another service has just adopted the WhatsApp as a communication channel with the client. It's the Rappi. For now, the platform will offer the novelty to users Diamante (those with a high frequency of purchases) and Prime (who have a monthly subscription for deliveries through the app).

According to the company, the WhatsApp channel will be available 24 hours a day. The idea is that it adds to the options already present in Rappi: an open chat during the active order for all users and a 24-hour customer service system for Diamante and Prime consumers.


Caroline Merin, COO of Rappi, says this is just the first step. "We are studying the possibility of offering the novelty to all of our users." She says that Rappi has been testing the new option since December last year and initially made it available to a group of users. “We were well received and, therefore, we decided to expand the coverage. From now on, this new type of service becomes part of our differentials. ”

According to Caroline, the opening of the new service channel on WhatsApp aims to offer more and more convenience and ease to users. "We talk to consumers daily because we want to understand their needs and always offer them the best journey on the app," he says.

She explains that Rappi uses NPS, an index that measures customer satisfaction with the company, as the main metric for prioritizing projects in all areas. Weekly, a committee meets to evaluate the evolution of the NPS and adjust the actions. "The main focus must be kept on constantly improving the experience of our customers."

Rappi currently has a team of three thousand people in the customer service area. This operation, concentrated in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, makes about 250 thousand calls per week in the nine countries where the platform is present.