Check out Motorola devices that support 5G technology

Redaction 21 January 2021

5G technology has already started to transform the world. In several countries, users already have access to the extremely high speeds of the new technology. And this is a transformation that is just beginning.

More speed is just one aspect of 5G technology - there are others just as important, such as latency. This is the time required for information to leave your smartphone, for example, find a first server on the internet, and return to your device. This is what we do when, for example, we access a website on the internet. When you click or enter an address in your browser, your smartphone sends this information over the cellular network or via wi-fi. When the page of the website you are looking for starts to load, then we have the latency measurement: it is the interval for all this to happen. In 5G, this time is very short, often below 1 millisecond. And that change will mean a real revolution.

By combining super low latency with super high speed, the 5G will pave the way for a series of innovations, such as the famous autonomous cars. Cars connected via 5G can have a faster response time than the human reflex - in other words, cars will be more accurate and more effective in preventing accidents, for example.

5G will make it much cheaper to automate industrial production lines and even make it possible to digitize the field, using remote controlled machines, much more cheaply and efficiently.

It is at your fingertips and on your smartphone screen that 5G technology will give a real show. High definition movies will be able to be watched without any interruption. Streaming videos and making video calls will also become even easier, with much better images and no gagging. Online games, even those with complex features, will become commonplace. In the end, your cellular connection will be the best of all your connections. The speeds offered by the 5G are so high that they go beyond those offered today by optical fiber, for example. That is, in the future, 5G has the potential to retire all other types of connections. And your smartphone will be the gateway to that - because it can always be used, for example, to bring internet to all the devices in your life.

The 5G race has started. There are already several devices compatible with the technology here in Brazil. Motorola accounts for most of them, including offering compatibility with the 5G DSS. Make a note of all Motorola devices compatible with the new technology. They are the Moto G 5G, Moto g 5G plus, Motorola Edge and Motorola Edge +. Enjoy to know on this link the smartphone models compatible with the 5G that are already available here. And get ready for the future because it is already here!