Famous for his appearance in movie “Back to the future”, the DMC DeLorean car may be manufactured again after almost 40 years, but this time, in a version electrical. The announcement was published on the blog of the manufacturer DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) on Wednesday (20).

According to the post, the idea of ​​resuming production with DeLorean was old - since 2015 - but regulatory problems with the United States National Road Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have delayed the return.


Before, the agency demanded that manufacturers of automobiles small companies had the same bureaucratic burdens as giant manufacturers. This was the main impasse, given that DMC has always been a small production company, with DeLorean as the only car produced by the manufacturer.

Delorean car
Electric version of the DeLorean has no release date yet. Photo: DeLorean Motor Company / Disclosure

Now, the requirements for small automakers have been simplified, making the return of the famous DeLorean increasingly palpable. But the challenges for that will not be easy.

The engine was scheduled to be produced in 2017, coming in compliance with carbon emissions by 2022. Therefore, the NHTSA delay caused the DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) to dare to implement a engine fully electric, extending the vehicle's life span and adapting to current standards.

“With EV (electric vehicle) becoming more popular, we are considering moving to a fully electric one as the future. Certainly, it becomes an easier way through the labyrinth of emissions that still hangs over any internal combustion engine ”, said the post.


There is still no forecast for the launch of the car and no further details about the electric version of the DeLorean.

Apparently, the manufacturer is awaiting financing to proceed with the production of the vehicle and news should be announced soon, since the publication ends with the warning "stay tuned".

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