A General Motors is investing heavily in the hype surrounding its new Cadillac, top of the line and all electric. Expected to launch in 2023, Celestiq is being shown gradually. Now, it was the turn of the sunroof intelligent.

The car will be one of the first to have a glass with a four-quadrant suspended particle device. The idea is that each occupant of the vehicle can define their own level of transparency of the roof.


The system, called SPD-Smartglass, was designed and manufactured by Research Frontiers, and was originally created to replace the manual sliding shutters on commercial aircraft. The technology uses polyiodide nanoparticles to generate the hue effect.

“A film contains crystals that are about three to five tenths of a micron in length and that act as induced dipoles. When you apply an electric field, the nanoparticles align and allow light to pass through. When you remove the voltage, their natural tendency is to be in the dark state due to the Brownian movement, which causes the glass to be dark ”, explains Research Frontiers CEO Joe Harary.

Smart glass blocks more than 99,5% of light and 95% of heat. This allows the occupants of the vehicle to be comfortable for longer without having to turn on the air conditioner. "So you can save four grams per kilometer of CO2 emissions", guarantees the executive.


The details of Celestiq are being released to the dropper. Last year, GM announced that the car would be a luxury model, to be built with handmade materials and in limited numbers.


The production of Celestiq will be concentrated at the Michigan plant (USA) and will use the brand's new battery design, called vice. "Our team took on the challenge of transforming product development at GM and positioning our company for a fully electric future," said Mary Barra, GM's president and CEO.

Ultium is a highly modular and scalable battery architecture that can enable GM to reduce costs below the $ 100 per kilowatt hour limit. It will be used not only in the Celestiq, but also in the next generation Chevy Bolt and GMC Hummer truck. GM said the Ultium allows a range of 643 kilometers on a single charge and could go from 0 to 100 km / h in three seconds.

In addition to Celestiq, the automaker announced that it plans to launch 20 different trams by 2023. The top-of-the-line has yet to be priced, but will hardly be below $ 200.

Street: Engadget