Tesla is suing former employee and software engineer Alex Khatilov over allegations of trade secret theft and breach of contract. The company Elon Musk says Khatilov transferred files from the internal network related to the Warp Drive software - used to automate many of the company's business processes - to his personal Dropbox account.

In an interview with the New York Post, the former employee said he had moved the files to his Dropbox by mistake. To the researchers, the software engineer said that he “forgot” that he had made this data transfer.


Alex Khatilov was hired by Tesla on December 28, 2020 to assist the quality assurance team in creating software that could automate tasks, business processes related to the environment, health and safety. According to the company, the theft of files happened on January 6.

Similar cases have happened recently. In December, the company made a deal with former coach Martin Tripp, who admitted to leaking confidential information to a reporter. In 2019 it was the turn of the autonomous startup Zoox to be sued by four of its employees - who had previously worked at Tesla - to steal confidential documents. In April 2020, Zoox admitted the theft by the accused.

One process that is underway, however, is that of former employee Guangzhi Cao, accused of copying the Autopilot source code to his accounts and personal devices in late 2018.

Tesla is worth more than 13 famous automakers together

Tesla's shares are currently traded at more than $ 800 - that figure was achieved thanks to more than 700% growth in 2020 and another 20% just at the beginning of the year.


All this growth made the company worth more than US $ 800 billion - a price higher than the market value of the ten largest traditional automakers in the world combined.

Industry experts say the share price could reach $ 1.000 later this year. This would make the difference in value between Tesla and the other automakers even wider.  

To give you an idea, the market value of the company that has Elon Musk as CEO is greater than Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford, Honda, GM, Fiat Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan e Hyundai. To bring the value even closer, Peugeot , Renault and KIA can be added to the list.  

CompanyMarket value
TeslaUS $ 805,19 billion
ToyotaUS $ 245,79 billion
VolkswagenUS $ 95,92 billion
Mercedes-BenzUS $ 75,55 billion
General Motors (GM)US $ 68,86 billion
HyundaiUS $ 57,18 billion
BMWUS $ 54,85 billion
HondaUS $ 50,77 billion
FordUS $ 38,47 billion
Fiat ChryslerUS $ 28,16 billion
KIAUS $ 26,74 billion
Peugeot US $ 24,36 billion
NissanUS $ 21,71 billion
RenaultUS $ 13,25 billion
Source: Reuters / Avenue Securities

Annual recipe 

However, the situation is reversed when we consider the annual revenue of each of the automakers. Each of the members of the above list, individually, achieved results above those of Tesla in 2019. In the results of the previous year, the feat should be repeated.  

Tesla's 2019 revenue, for example, was $ 24,6 billion. In the case of Volkswagen, in the same period, the value was US $ 307,9 billion.  

This can be explained mainly because Tesla is a company that, in addition to operating in the automotive industry, also operates in the technology segment. Therefore, it is believed that the company needs a way to increase its production to change the level.  

To understand this scenario, just note that the company delivered 500 thousand vehicles in 2020, against 75 million of the ten mentioned automakers.  

“I think they can reach 1 million vehicles [delivered annually] by 2022. And, following that direction, 3 to 4 million when we enter 2025-26, with 40% coming from China. In the next 10 to 15 years, we can start thinking about 10 to 12 million vehicles a year ”, comments Dan Ives, technology analyst at Wedbush Securities, a company focused on the financial services and investments segment. 

Source: CNBC e CNN

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