A woman who had been kidnapped in a parking lot was found by police in Selma, Texas, United States, thanks to an Apple Watch feature that allows her to track the location.

The woman had argued with a man named Adalberto Longoria on December 16, 2020 because he refused to hand over the key to a truck and told her to get her things out of the vehicle's body. When she went to do that, Longoria would have sat in the driver's seat and left with her still in the back of the truck. The victim told the police that he appeared to be drunk.


About 10 to 15 minutes later, the woman called her daughter via Apple Watch saying that a man had kidnapped her and wanted to hurt her. While she was talking to her daughter, the smart watch was suddenly disconnected.

The woman said she shouted for Adalberto Longoria to stop while he hit the brake several times, causing her to fall into the truck's bucket. She told the police that the driver laughed every time she did that.

Adalberto Longoria
Adalberto Longoria was arrested and charged with kidnapping. Credits: Bexar County Sheriff's Office

When telling him that he had told his daughter to call the police, Longoria pulled the truck over and finally let her out. She, however, said she was disoriented and did not know exactly where she was. The daughter called the police and said she heard screams from the parking lot, but did not know where her mother was taken.

Police officers used an emergency ping on the cell to track the woman's Apple Watch. The smart watch showed the victim's location, but when the police arrived the truck driver ran out and jumped over a fence to escape. He was only spotted and arrested by the police last Wednesday (20), and now faces charges of kidnapping.

Source: Fox San Antonio