For many years, manufacturers sought to place increasingly larger screens in their smartphones. However, at some point, going in the opposite direction and launching devices with smaller displays has become a trend. Thinking about it, rumors indicate that Sony plans to return to the segment of compact devices. 

According to information and images revealed by the famous informant OnLeaks, the new device has a 5,5 inch screen, which puts it as a cell phone bigger than the iPhone 12 mini - compact device launched by the apple company in October last year.


What the company seems to want with this launch is to compete directly with Apple and your smaller device.  

Device has rear camera close to the device body and thicker edges. Photo: Voice / OnLeaks

The point here is that the Xperia Compact is smaller than most premium devices launched by large companies. In addition to the smaller screen, the model has some features present in older devices, such as the rear cameras that are embedded in the body of the phone and thicker edges.  

The big question of the launch is whether it will really be successful like other popular devices - since, in recent times, users have started to choose bigger and bigger screens to consume more films and series.  

Compact in Brazil 

In 2018, Sony launched Brazil a Compact version. It was the XZ2 Compact. At the time, the device was the “little brother” of the company's main launch.  

The two were practically identical, but the XZ2 Compact it had the advantage of being smaller and able to please users who were bothered by the growing size of smartphones. 

Both had a processor Snapdragon 845 with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. The difference was due to the screen (5,7 inches on the XZ2 and 5 inches on the XZ2 Compact) and battery (3.180 mAh on the XZ2 or 2.870 on the XZ2 Compact). 

The price of the smaller version was R $ 3,3, while the variant with a larger screen cost R $ 3,8. 

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