According to two "informants" known in the industry for leaking rumors and precise details about new Samsung products, especially smartphones, the South Korean manufacturer has made a decision and will end with the Galaxy Note line.

The first with the information was “Ice Universe”, which over the past few months has leaked several correct information about the family Galaxy S 21. He posted on his Twitter profile a message with the text “Galaxy Note” followed by an image that reads “The End” (End, in English).


The second is Ross Young, founder and analyst at DisplaySearch, which specializes in the mobile screen market. Young states that “although there is no Galaxy S21 on the way, we may see a Galaxy Note 20 FE” (Fan Edition).

For some time now, rumors have indicated that Samsung intends to "kill" the Galaxy Note line, rumors that gained strength after confirmation that the newly launched Galaxy s21 ultra supports S Pen pens. The pens were exclusive, and the main differential, of the Note line since its creation in 2011.


In declaration to the site PhoneArena Samsung neither confirms nor denies the rumors. The company says it is actually “expanding the Note” experience into new product categories. The statement says:

“We are committed to innovating new mobile experiences that flow seamlessly and continuously wherever we go, to make our consumers' lives easier and better. To bring this goal to life, we made the courageous decision to expand the S Pen experience as an option on the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Consumers will be able to expand their experience with the S Pen on the S 21 Ultra by drawing and writing down the moments they want to share. As the Galaxy S21 Ultra aims to provide the best experience on a smartphone without counterparts, users can now enjoy one of the most popular and preferred features in our Note category.

This does not mean that Samsung is not committed to the Note category, but that it is expanding the Note experience across all device categories. In order to provide the best mobile experience for all consumers, we will actively listen to consumer feedback and reflect it in our continued product innovation, ”says the company.

Note that the company talks about “expanding the experience” several times, and this can be interpreted in several ways. It is clear that the company that put features that were exclusive to Note (the pen) on more devices, but this can be done with or without the continuity of the family of devices.

We will only be sure of the direction that Samsung will take in September, a time when the company traditionally announces new models of the Galaxy Note line. Until then, maybe fans should take a look at the Galaxy S21 Ultra, just in case.

Source: Phone Arena