Inactive for more than six years, the activist group hacker Anonymous Malaysia is expected to be operational again. According to the portal The Star, the group can start attacks malicious against the Malaysian government soon.

The invasions, however, have a reason: the hackers claim that the government's security system has not improved since the 2011 attacks. WikiLeaks and download pages.


If attacks occur, a lot of data is at risk of exposure and being sold by criminals on the black market. The action would be a punishment for the government for not having implemented a security system. "They [the Malaysian government] have not looked for ways to develop their skills, are not curious about new horizons and are not willing to acknowledge and learn from the mistakes of the past," says the group.

Flag of Malaysia
The country has not strengthened the security of its government websites since the 2011 attacks. Photo: mkjr_ / Unsplash

Danger in sight

According to Kevin Reed, director of information security at Acronis, the group is unlikely to want war with the government, but the threats must be taken seriously by the Malaysian government. “Anonymous's most likely attacks, in this case, are Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) or exposure of data obtained from a vulnerability in the network,” he says.

And, to prevent them, it is necessary to ensure that critical and confidential data sources are encrypted and properly protected. In addition, government agencies must also mobilize to find and correct possible vulnerabilities in their security systems.


For Reed, government websites do not need to make drastic changes to their security systems. The pages just need to be on a suitable network and monitor the data flow. Still, he says the warning from the Anonymous Malaysia group should be taken seriously by the country's government.

Street: Tech Times