Because of the controversies WhatsApp with your new privacy policy, other messenger apps like Telegram and Signal have started to appear a lot on the list of the most popular programs on Google Play and App Store. To invite your friends to groups, just like on WhatsApp, you can create links on Signal.

The process to obtain or generate links in Signal is very simple to be performed and even those who do not have the application can click on it to create a new account and download it. Next, here's how to invite people to Signal groups with a link.



As mentioned above, the procedure described below by Olhar Digital does not make use of third party tools, that is, it is a native feature of Signal. In addition, the screenshots below were taken on the Android system, but the process can also be replicated on iOS (iPhone system).

The process for creating a link for a Signal group is very simple, as it can be shared even on WhatsApp for those who are looking to make a service "migration". Check out:

1. Access the Google Play or App Store and download or update Signal to the latest available version;

2. Open Signal normally and enter the group you want to share;

How to link groups in Signal - Step 1

3. Touch the button represented by “three dots” and go to “Group settings”;

How to link groups in Signal - Step 2

4. Now, tap "Disabled" next to "Group link" and leave the "Group link" checkbox. Then, tap "Share" to send it to other apps.

How to link groups in Signal - Step 3

For you to still have greater control of your group, on this same screen it is also possible to require that new members be approved by administrators. So, even if your group's link ends up “leaking”, you can still control who enters it. Not only that, the program also has a function for generating a "new link", as shown in the image below.

How to link groups in Signal - Step 4

Ready! Now, you already know how to invite people to the Signal group with a link, which can be used in other messengers like WhatsApp.