Despite their controversy, WhatsApp remains one of the most popular apps for people to chat with their contacts. In turn, something that bothers many people in the messenger is the “typing” status, since you don't have a native or specific function to hide it.

The good news is that with the help of a few tricks, this “typing” status of WhatsApp can be hidden on the phone quickly on both Android and iOS (iPhone system). Next, here's how to send messages on WhatsApp and hide what you're typing.


How to hide “typing” status on WhatsApp without apps

Although it is not a function for this purpose, without having to install anything, it is possible to hide the “typing” of WhatsApp with a small configuration and specific way of responding. Check out:

1. Open WhatsApp normally and enter your “Settings”;

How to hide “typing” status on WhatsApp - Step 1

2. Tap “Notifications” and check the “Use high priority notifications” key. This only allows WhatsApp notifications to have their previews displayed. On iOS, this function appears with the name “Show preview”.

How to hide “typing” status on WhatsApp - Step 2

Now that the configuration in WhatsApp has been carried out, when you receive a message in the application, you must answer it through the notification area of ​​the cell phone, as suggested by the image below. So, the trick is to instead of entering the “conversation screen”, respond to people using the cell phone notification system, which does not activate the “typing” of the messenger.

How to hide “typing” status on WhatsApp - Step 3

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How to hide with an app on Android

Whoever has a cell phone with the Google system, in addition to using the method mentioned above, also has the possibility of using a program that facilitates this task. Look:

1. Access Google Play and download the app Flychat;

2. Open the downloaded application normally and tap the “System overlay” key. In the new screen, grant the necessary permission for the program to work;

How to hide “typing” status on WhatsApp - Step 4

3. Back to the previous screen, check the “Receive notifications” key and enable “Flychat” in the displayed list;

How to hide “typing” status on WhatsApp - Step 5

4. Tap the “confirm” icon and in the list of applications, make sure that WhatsApp is checked.

How to hide “typing” status on WhatsApp - Step 6

When you receive a message on WhatsApp, FlyChat will display a “bubble” notification in which it will be possible to view and respond to people without being reported that you are typing.

How to hide “typing” status on WhatsApp - Step 7

Ready! Now, you already know how to send messages on WhatsApp without showing that you are “typing”.

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