Android 12: system should have native media player and double tap on the back

Redaction 26 January 2021

Every year, Google updates Android. With each new version, new features are introduced and improvements are made. With the arrival of Android 12 it should be no different.

The first novelty is the native media player. One of the advantages of Android is the possibility to choose between several applications for some purposes, such as playing music. To try to avoid confusion over this issue, the system's developers showed interest in creating a native breeder.


And the double tap on the back of the phone, seen in beta versions of Android 11, should show up again. When activated, users can double-tap the finger on the back of the device to activate Google Assistant, take a screenshot, open the notifications tab, or view recent apps.

The previous version of the system was launched in September last year. So it may still be a few months before a variant with the news is seen.

In an interview with 9to5Google, a company spokesman said changes will be made to Android 12 to “make it even easier for people to use other apps stored on their devices, being careful not to compromise the security measures that the system has in force ”.

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