Auroras: astronauts share photos of spectacle on Earth

Redaction 26 January 2021

Astronauts on Expedition 64, currently aboard the International Space Station, recently published several impressive photos of auroras seen from space over Earth, over 400 km above sea level.

For those who do not know, these phenomena occur when particles from solar storms interact with the gases in our atmosphere. Collisions can cause breathtaking spectacles, with colorful, red, green, blue, yellow or pink lights "dancing" in the sky.


According to NASA, the auroras are "a spectacular sign that our planet is electrically connected to the Sun".

The phenomenon can also be seen here on Earth. Here, the best places to see the natural spectacle are close to the Arctic Circle. In this region, they are called Auroras Boreais.

In the southern tip of Tasmania and in New Zealand, in the Southern Hemisphere, they are known as Southern Auroras.