Broadband internet plans may become more expensive in Brazil

Redaction 26 January 2021

A group formed by nine entities in the telecommunications and internet sectors said that broadband internet services in Brazil may become more expensive soon.

The statement is in a manifesto against an action by the Attorney General's Office, which wants to suspend the gratuity of the right of way, established by the Antenna Law.


In force since 2015, the rule exempts operators from paying fees for installing infrastructure in public works.

The end of this gratuity will mean more expenses for operators and, consequently, an increase in the price charged for internet plans in Brazil.

The repeal of the law is pending in the Federal Supreme Court and the trial is scheduled for February 10.

The manifest, however, explains the sector's discontent with the possible discontinuity of the right of free passage.


Also according to the document, the end of the Antenna Law can bring risks of stagnation and setback. This is because, in addition to the increase in the price of broadband internet services in Brazil, the expansion of telecommunications infrastructures is compromised, which would affect mainly “needy, vulnerable and remote regions”.