“Live” bones are created by scientists on a 3D printer

Redaction 26 January 2021

Australian scientists have developed a technology that makes it possible to manufacture artificial bones with living cells using a special ink and a 3D printer. The bioprinting technique produces bone structures that “calcify in a matter of minutes”.

According to Dr. Roohani, one of the creators of the novelty, the process basically works like the manufacture of building blocks in the form of bone tissues. Ceramic paint made of calcium phosphate is formulated to solidify quickly and without toxicity when exposed to a patient's body fluids.


Now, the next step in the research is a new phase of animal testing to establish whether living cells continue to develop after being implanted in organic bone tissue.

Medical technology companies and surgeons are already showing interest in the novelty. If successful, the resource can be exploited for a variety of clinical applications, meeting the high demand for implants to repair problems caused by trauma or illness.

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