CO₂ removal: understand the technology that can 'stop' global warming

Redaction 26 January 2021

Research published in the journal Nature detailed how investing in an emergency program using CO₂ removers with Capture Direct Air technology, or DAC, would be much more efficient as a measure to combat the climate crisis.

DAC consists of using any mechanical system to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Plants, for example, use liquid solvents or solid adsorbents to separate CO₂ from other gases, while companies like Switzerland's Climeworks and Canada's Carbon Engineering use giant fans to "collect" the air and filters or chemical solutions to separate the gases .


The removed CO₂ is concentrated, purified and compressed. Subsequently, the component can be injected into the soil to assist in the extraction of oil, reducing its viscosity. This procedure can help offset the gas emissions that result from the burning of oil.

However, the study also reports that an initiative of this size would require an investment “equivalent to those made in times of war”, of about 2% of global GDP.