Telegram has “real privacy and security problem”, says WhatsApp chief

Redaction 26 January 2021

Telegram “keeps a copy of messages” and Signal lacks “additional features, such as video calls”.

This is what WhatsApp director Will Cathcart said in an interview with journalist Patrícia Campos Mello, from Folha de São Paulo.


In addition to pinning competitors, the executive spoke about the controversial changes in the messenger’s privacy policy.

In Cathcart's assessment, there was a communication error, especially in relation to data sharing with Facebook. 

According to him, in updating the terms, nothing changes in relation to personal messages. The executive assured that WhatsApp is only describing new tools for companies.

The changes, which ended up being postponed, put Facebook as a solution provider for business accounts. 

According to WhatsApp itself, this tool would help provide what is needed to send and receive messages and some of the services provided by these solution providers include reading, storing and replying to messages on behalf of the company.