A recently retired Ford Ka, from the North American automaker, recorded a -13,51% decrease in 2020 and was the most devalued car among the 10 best sellers last year, according to a survey by Kelley Blue Book Brasil, a company specializing in new and used vehicle price research.

According to the report, Jeep Compass (-11,59%), Volkswagen Goal (-8,85%), Hyundai HB20 (-8,85%), Jeep Renegade (-6,31%), Chevrolet Onix Plus (-4,92%), Renault Kwid (-4,57%), Fiat Argo (-2,85%) and Volkswagen T-Cross (-0,61%) appear next in the sequence.


Chevrolet Onix, on the other hand, was the only one among the best sellers of 2020 that got an appreciation between its price 0 km in January and its respective used value in December last year. All because, according to KBB, the “atypical context of rising prices for cars 0 km in 2020 ended up causing an elastic effect on the values ​​practiced in the used car market, valuing some models over the past year”.  

Kelley Blue Book Brasil explains that it elaborated the list following the ranking of fenabrave (National Federation of Motor Vehicle Distribution) and calculating an arithmetic average per vehicle, considering only the versions with model year 2020, between January and December of last year.

The company therefore compared the January 0 KBB 2020 km price with the December 2020 KBB Reseller Price, which is the benchmark for how much retailers are reselling cars in their stores.  

Check the list with the devaluation of the 10 best-selling cars of 2020:

  1. Chevrolet Onix: 1,84% change
  2. Volkswagen T-Cross: -0,61% change
  3. Fiat Argo: -2,85% change
  4. Renault Kwid: -4,57% change
  5. Chevrolet Onix Plus: -4,92% change
  6. Jeep Renegade: -6,31% change
  7. Hyundai HB20: -8,85% change
  8. Volkswagen Gol: -8,85% change
  9. Jeep Compass: -11,59% change
  10. Ford Ka: -13,51% change 

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