It is possible that Facebook is about to get involved in a new lawsuit. Only this time, as an author: the company is preparing a process antitrust against Apple.

The attacks are against the policies of the App Store and an iOS 14 privacy feature announced in 2020 - the tool will make cross-app tracking more difficult for advertisers. The new functionality has been postponed until 2021 so that developers have time to prepare.


Facebook's claim is that Apple forces app developers to accept the rules of the App Store, but it doesn't do the same with its own apps - and that makes it very difficult to compete with Apple in areas such as games, messaging and shopping.

Facebook's discontent is not recent. Since the new tool was announced, the company claims that it can reduce ad revenue and affect small businesses.

While companies that depend on ads speak out against the privacy feature, groups that defend digital rights support Apple. And Apple remains steadfast in the purpose of deploying the tool: according to the company, anti-tracking functionality reaches iOS beta before the second quarter.

Disagreement between Facebook and Apple is old

Internal sources suggest, however, that Facebook may not follow through on the process, as there is internal resistance to action - officials fear the attacks will be seen as a way to protect Facebook's interests, not small businesses. The main objective of the action is to make the App Store change these standards.

The way Facebook and Apple handle user data and privacy has long been a source of contention. Tim Cook criticizes the way Facebook handles consumer data and the social network attacks Apple's high prices.

It is not the first time that Facebook threatens to go to court against Apple. In December, the company said it would provide internal documents to help epic Games against Apple.

Source: The Information, Apple Insider