After stating at the beginning of the month that in negotiations with Apple, Hyundai executives are now concerned about the possible partnership between companies. According to Reuters, they are divided over the agreement.

Rumors that Apple is producing an electric vehicle have been widely reported. in the last years. So far, however, the company has never confirmed whether or not it is working to compete as well. in this market. It also did not confirm whether it is negotiating with Hyundai to manufacture the vehicles.


An executive at the automaker said the group is "agonizing over how to do this, whether it is good or not". In theory, Hyundai would become something of an Apple outsourcer. According to the source, who declined to be identified, talks between the two companies began in 2018, when the “Project Titan” was leaked.

What would have hindered the progress of the deal, however, was Hyundai's reluctance to work with third parties. "It is really difficult [for Hyundai] to open up," said the source. “Apple is the boss. They do marketing, their products, their brand. But Hyundai is also the boss. It doesn't really work, ”he said.

Fear of 'becoming a Foxconn'

apple car
Hyundai, according to a Reuters source, could even replace some executives to avoid a cultural conflict with Apple. Image: Shutterstock / Reproduction

A second source linked to the matter said Apple would like the cars to be produced in the United States. Provisionally, the automaker "would like" Kia to partner with Apple, not Hyundai Motor Company.

The fear is that the company will become a kind of Foxconn for Apple. “Technology companies like Google and Apple want us to be like Foxconn, ”said an executive, referring to cellphone manufacturing.

"The group is concerned that the Hyundai brand will become just a contracted manufacturer from Apple, which would not help Hyundai in its effort to build a more premium image," says the source. Kia, in turn, could manufacture Apple vehicles at the plant in Georgia, USA.

Source: Reuters