This Monday (1), Apple released iOS 14.5 (new version of operational system iPhone) in beta for developers. The main change is the greater integration between the iPhone and Apple Watch, allowing the phone to be unlocked using the smart watch.

In the update, if the user is wearing a mask - to protect himself from Covid-19, for example - and try to unlock your iPhone using the Face ID, the facial recognition feature will “see” the mask and activate the unlock by the Apple Watch.


However, a caveat: the watch's pulse detection function must be activated. Otherwise, the user will have to follow the standard method and enter the code - or remove / lower the mask to unlock the phone with only the face.

The Apple Watch must also be unlocked and have a PIN (numeric password) protection feature. The iPhone will emit a signal for the device to be used for unlocking, with the insertion of the programmed password and, with that, to unlock the cell phone.

ios 14.5 apple watch
The Apple Watch gains more integration with the iPhone within iOS 14.5, allowing the user to unlock the phone by the watch. Image: Apple / Disclosure

Other changes from iOS 14.5

IOS 14.5 also begins to implement changes in privacy behavior (Transparency Tracking App), for now, in Apple's own apps, such as AirPlay 2 and Apple Fitness 2. The company has already confirmed that these changes will also impact third-party apps, which has been generating a very sharp disagreement with Facebook.

The enhanced integration between Apple Watch and iPhone is undoubtedly the highlight of iOS 14.5. The change mentioned above has been requested by several users who, in times of pandemic, saw the simple action of unlocking their smartphone a little more complicated due to the health restriction measures.

There is still no specific date for the public version of iOS 14.5 to be released to all users.

Street: 9to5Mac