Some releases released by Samsung on This year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), more specifically in image segment, are on their way to Brazil. The manufacturer intends to commercialize products with microled screen and Neon QLED, in addition to The Premiere, its next generation image projector.

A microled technology basically consists of the individual lighting of each pixel on the TV screen. This distribution provides maximum contrast and brightness, without loss of luminosity or concern with the burn-in effect, a failure that can occur in devices with Oled and Amoled screens when there is wear and tear on the organic LEDs that make up the display. Thus, there is a continuous display of a still image for a long period.

Samsung TV with microled technology. Image: Samsung / Reproduction

Samsung will offer two options for TVs with microled screens in Brazil: one 99 and the other 110 inches. In addition to the superior image quality, the display has no borders, which improves the immersion experience.

TVs with Neo QLED panels will be offered in 4K and 8K resolution. They also differ in their lighting source: they use leds that are practically 40 times smaller than conventional ones. It is the Quantum Mini Led technology, which provides more control over brightness and contrast.

TVs with Neo QLED screens have a light source with new technology. Image: Samsung / Reproduction

For gamers, the Super Ultrawide GameView option allows you to use the 32: 9 aspect ratio, which expands the field of view, to play. Another advantage is the support for FreeSync technology, which provides more fluidity in the images during matches.

In terms of audio, Neo QLED TVs have the Sound in Motion feature. With it, the sound system follows the movements of the scene shown on the screen.

4K Projector

The Premiere, launched in Europe in 2020, is a Samsung home projector with 4K resolution and features similar to the brand's smart TVs. The device will be sold in Brazil in two versions: 120 and 130 inches. One of the advantages of the equipment is projection at a short distance, in which the device is very close to the wall.

The Premiere is Samsung's 4K projector. Image: Samsung / Reproduction

According to the manufacturer, no brackets are required to use the device. In addition, the user can take advantage of the connectivity features to transmit content from the cell phone to the projector. Samsung says the projector has enough sound quality to fill any room.

For now, the company has not disclosed prices or a launch date. According to the brand, the news should reach national retailers this year.

Source: Samsung