Scammers are sending fake messages like Phishing using the name of national banks to attract new victims. In order for messages to be delivered successfully, Kaspersky has identified a new technique used by cybercriminals: exchange letters, such as 'i' for 'l', and replace the space between words with other characters. One way to bypass the anti-spam filters in this scam by SMS.

Fake SMS used in the new scam. Image: Kaspersky / Reproduction

The objective of the scam is to steal credit card data, codes PIX and bank credentials. With this information, scammers commit fraud on behalf of third parties. ”It is important to remember that banks never send links with data update requests by message - whether by SMS, WhatsApp or e-mail”, warns Fabio Assolini, security analyst from Kaspersky.


The same technique is also used in phishing messages sent by email to circumvent spam blocks. "Access to websites of banks or other financial services must always be done by typing the address of the official websites in the browser, or by downloading the application in the official stores (Play Store or App Store)", emphasizes the expert.

New phishing scam sends fake text messages on behalf of major banks. Image: wk1003mike / Shutterstock

How to protect yourself from the new SMS scam?

To protect yourself from phishing attacks, Kaspersky recommends taking a few steps:

  • Access only the official channels offered by your bank to carry out any activity;
  • Check the website address and the sender of the emails. If it is unknown, try to confirm with your bank that the information is true;
  • If you receive a promotion, check if the offer is true on the websites and official profiles on social networks. If in doubt, call your bank or company responsible for issuing your card;
  • If you are unsure whether a page is secure, do not fill out any personal information or make any payments.
  • Finally, it is worth investing in security software. There is little care.

Street: Kaspersky

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