Xiaomi introduced its newest concept phone, a phone with a cascading quadruple screen, which means that the chinese manufacturer it will have 88 degree curvatures on the left and right sides and also on the lower and upper parts, leaving the device without buttons or entrance doors. 

The device, which has not yet received a name, does not exactly have an infinite screen, but a trick in which the corners of the screen are left blank, with small indentations on the sides.


According to the brand, the new screen is the result of “countless advances in glass folding and lamination technology”, requiring the registration of 46 innovative patents for this. 

Due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the presentation of the new concept of Xiaomi was made through renderings, without a personal display. However, a representative of the brand told the American portal “The Verge” that prototypes of the phone have already been produced and used by company executives, who approved the result. 

Announcement comes on the heels of new wireless charger 

The announcement of a phone without entry doors occurs just one week after the brand introduces the concept of the My Air Charge, which should give users the ability to charge devices remotely.

However, in order to use the charger, cell phones need a special antenna developed by Xiaomi capable of converting the electromagnetic waves emitted by the charger into electrical energy, which needs a port to be installed. 

In 2019, Xiaomi presented a similar concept, which was termed as Mi Mix Alpha, and featured an infinite screen that involved almost the entire device, however, this device was never actually launched, which puts in doubt whether this new device without doors or buttons will see daylight. 

Street: The Verge 

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