The National Data Protection Authority (ANPD) has announced that it is investigating the leak of a database with records of more than 102 million accounts of cellphone. The organ, created with the implementation the General Data Protection Act (LGPD), stated in note that "is taking all appropriate measures".

“The authority has officiated other bodies, such as Federal Police, the company that reported the fact and the companies involved, to investigate and assist in investigating and adopting measures to contain and mitigate risks related to the personal data of those potentially affected, "said the ANPD.


The information found at the bank is being marketed at deep web for $ 1 (per registration). In contact with cybercriminals, the dfdr lab, from cybersecurity company PSafe, was informed that the database contains information such as cell phone number, full name of the line subscriber and address of 57,2 million Vivo users and 45,6, XNUMX million from Claro.

According to PSafe, information from more than 100 million mobile accounts is being sold on the deep web. Image: Pe3k / Shutterstock

PSafe, however, does not confirm whether the information came directly from the operators mentioned. "We cannot take as evidence the allegations of a cybercriminal," said Marco DeMello, the company's CEO. To the portal NeoFeed, he said he was “sure they are data from major telephone companies in Brazil”.

ANPD and data leak: Fine of up to R $ 50 million

The ANPD also informs that it will “act diligently” to investigate possible violations of the LGPD, and “it will promote, with the other competent bodies, the accountability and punishment of those involved”.

The LGPD provides for a series of punishments in case of carelessness with personal information that results in data leakage. According to the legislation, a fine of up to R $ 50 million is foreseen for those who violate the legislation.

According to DeMello, PSafe was able to identify the portfolio of Bitcoin cybercriminal. It would be active and carrying out transactions related to the records. The company, which is investigating the case, also claims to have compared the information with the recent leakage of 223 million CPFs.

Street: NeoFeed/ANPD