Self-medication is not recommended for any disease. With the spread of Covid-19however, it has gained many followers and can cause quite dangerous side effects. One of them is medicated hepatitis, which, in extreme cases, requires liver transplantation.

According to hepatologist Paulo Bittencourt, president of the Brazilian Liver Institute of the Brazilian Society of Hepatology, 27% of acute or fulminant acute hepatitis are medicated. This harm may be being caused in Brazilians by the indiscriminate use of vermifuge ivermectin.


Pulmonologist Frederico Fernandes, president of the São Paulo Society of Pulmonology and Tisiology (SPPT), said on Twitter that he evaluated a young patient who is about to need a transplant. According to Fernandes, she had a mild picture of Covid-19 and self-medicated with 18mg of ivermectin daily for a week.

The result? An overload on the liver. "It is very sad to see a young person to the point of needing a transplant for using a medication that does not work in a situation that does not need any medication," he said in the publication. After exposing the case on the platform, Fernandes began to receive virtual attacks. He then decided to make his profiles inaccessible on social networks.

Frederico Fernandes' tweet describes a patient with probable drug hepatitis caused by incorrect use of ivermectin.

Drug against parasites

Ivermectin is safe to eliminate parasites from the body, provided it is taken under medical supervision. The problem was its inclusion in a list of medications - known as the covid kit - which, although they have no proven effectiveness in treating Covid-19, was advocated by politicians as a solution to the disease.

Mauro Schechter, an infectious disease specialist at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), points out that the consequences of long-term use of ivermectin are not known. "The drug is only safe for the indications that are labeled," he warns. According to him, 3% of patients have side effects associated with the central nervous system. In addition, ivermectin causes malformation of fetuses in different animals, cannot be used by pregnant women and, at higher doses, is lethal to mice and causes seizures in dogs.

Paulo Bittencourt warns that the three medications in the covid kit (ivermectin, chloroquine and azithromycin) can lead to acute hepatitis. Although the occurrence is rare, what worries is the large-scale, over-the-counter use to treat a disease that already affects millions of people. "The complication can be more frequent with exacerbated use", he evaluates.

Bittencourt himself had a patient who used ivermectin every 15 days, at his own discretion, to avoid Covid-19. He developed nausea after adopting the drug. "People say, 'If you don't do it well, you won't do it badly', but that's not at all real."

The situation was so out of control that MSD, the pharmacist responsible for making ivermectin, issued a statement about the drug. According to the company, there is no data that support the effectiveness of the drug against Covid-19.

Source: The Globe