Toyota announced last week that it has plans to launch two fully electric cars on the United States market by the end of 2021, plus a new hybrid model.

The decision is a change in the direction of Japanese company, which currently does not have any electric models being sold there, with only hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars, which are vehicles charged with an external power source.


There is still no information on what type of electric vehicles the automaker will place on the American market, however, it is speculated that they are SUVs or crossovers, since the demand for vehicles of this type is the fastest growing in the United States, besides that they have more space for batteries. Another option would be a fully electric version of the Prius, the most traditional hybrid on the market, or the Sienna minivan.

Minivan Sienna, model of toyota, is one of those that can get electric version
Minivan Sienna is one of those that can win electric version - Photo: Disclosure / Toyota

Toyota is pion market

Toyota was the first automotive company in the world to bet on hybrid models produced in series, this in 1997, with the launch of the first Prius for the Japanese market. However, the automaker ended up putting the brakes on the expansion within this segment. 

Among the plug-in hybrid models currently sold by Toyota are the Prius Prime and the RAV4 Prime. In addition to them, there are also regular hybrids, without an external charging system, being versions of the Corolla, Camry, Venza, Avalon, Highlander and Sienna. 

In addition to electrified ones, the automaker also has a hydrogen powered vehicle, the Mirai, which has a technology in which the hydrogen consumed in the process is transformed into water, without the release of polluting gases into the atmosphere. However, the sedan is sold in only a few American states, where there is already an infrastructure for supplying via hydrogen. 

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