An electric bus manufactured by Hyundai caught fire while it was in use this Monday (15th). The incident happened in South Korea, when the vehicle returned to the garage after an inspection. No one was injured, according to the Changwon City Fire Department.

The bus was an Elec City 2019 model, which uses a battery on the ceiling manufactured by LG Energy Solutions. This is the first fire reported with this type of vehicle and has caused an estimated total damage of 400 million won (R $ 1,9 million in direct conversion).


“Employees from Hyundai Motor, the Ministry of Transport, the Korean Automobile Research and Test Institute, the National Fire Research Institute and the Changwon Fire Service headquarters are due to meet on Tuesday (16) to discuss inspection, ”the Fire Department told the Reuters.

In October, Hyundai recalled 25.564 Kona electric vehicles only in South Korea, after detecting the risk of a short circuit possibly caused by a failure in the manufacture of high voltage battery cells. South Korean media reports that at least 15 Hyundai Kona have caught fire so far - some of them after the recall.

The same component is also used in the models Chevrolet Bolt EV, which also had a recall. The Hyundai Elec City can be equipped with a 128 kWh or 256 kWh lithium-ion battery and a 240 kW electric motor. The range is up to 290 km. In addition, Hyundai offers a fully electric double-decker bus and a County Electric minibus.

Hyundai Elec City, in white and blue. on a white background
Hyundai Elec City, presented in 2017 and manufactured in 2019. Image: Hyundai / Disclosure

Last year, the Tesla was accused of negligence for selling electric sedans Model S with a known manufacturing problem that could spontaneously ignite the vehicle. According to an investigation, aluminum used in various components was particularly susceptible to cracking.

When the part cracked and the coolant spilled over the battery, it could shorten its life or even cause an explosion. Investigation documents show that Tesla knew about the broken parts and that employees expressed concerns about them while the vehicles were being delivered to customers.

Street: Reuters/InsideEVs