Staying in China, even in Wuhan - a city considered the first epicenter of Covid-19 - would have been safer during the pandemic of the new coronavirus than returning to the Brazil. This is the opinion of some of the Brazilians who left the Asian country at the beginning of last year to return to the national territory.

It was on February 9, 2020 that 34 Brazilians returned to Brazil on a Brazilian Air Force (FAB) plane after several appeals. They were in Wuhan and, at the time, China already had 34 confirmed cases of infection and 718 killed by the new coronavirus. As Brazil did not have occurrence records until then, the desire to return was understandable. Many preferred to return to their families.

Flag of Brazil with coronavirus
Unlike China, Brazil remains the third country with the most cases of infection with the new coronavirus. Photo: outsideclick / Shutterstock

Among them was model Adrielly Edgar. She decided to return to Brazil after everything that had happened in China, but today, she regrets the decision. "Everyone says that if we had known what it would be like today, we wouldn't have come back here."

According to Adrielly, the preventive actions against Covid-19 adopted in China made the country much safer to pass the pandemic than Brazil. And she is not wrong: the Asian country accumulates just over 100 thousand cases and 4.828 deaths by Covid-19, while Brazil approaches the milestone of 240 thousand deaths and counts 9.858.369 cases of infection until Monday (15).

Another repentant of having returned to Brazil at the beginning of the pandemic is Professor Vitor Campos, from Minas Gerais. He completed his master's degree at the University of Huazhong, but believes that he will hardly be able to return to China, since several countries have closed the borders to Brazil. “They [Chinese] were consistent. When needed, they closed everything. Here was total chaos. There was no conversation between states, municipalities, government. That is why the crisis is spreading so much ”, he points out.

Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil
President Jair Bolsonaro's negativism delayed actions to combat Covid-19. Photo: Marcos Corrêa / PR

Covid-19: Stained image

Those who stayed in China also believe that not leaving was the best choice. For soccer coach Marcelo Vasconcelos, the differences in behavior of the government and the population were decisive for him to choose to stay in the Asian country.

For him, the lack of actions against Covid-19 by the Brazilian government tarnished the country's image. “I traveled three times and had to get off the plane first to be inspected. They only relieved when I proved that my last entry into China was in May 2019. Our image is very bad ”, confesses the coach.

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