To pandemic, 2020 may not have been the perfect year for some game developers. But this is not the case with Remedy Entertainment, creator of “Max Payne”. This is because, another project of the company, the game "Control", was responsible for yielding twice the revenue compared to the previous year.  

According to the site Games Industry, the Finnish studio raised 13,2 million euros (R $ 86 million in direct conversion) in the 12 months of 2020. As a comparison, in 2019, the company earned 6,5 million euros. The interesting thing to note is that this value was achieved even without a new game being made available.  


The responsible for this was “Control” itself, which, despite being a 2019 game, received numerous versions last year, which can be purchased on several of the platforms available on the market - a movement that contributed to the collection.  

There was a launch on Steam after the version of PC, which was available at Epic Games Store, left the online store. The arrival at Xbox Game Pass it also happened, making the title even more popular. Finally, a digital version for the Nintendo Switch it was launched. 

However, there was an issue involving the game versions for the new generation consoles (Xbox Series S / X e PlayStation 5). Only those who purchased the Ultimate Edition would be entitled to upgrade to the new video games.

Standard version users, even if they have spent a lot more on DLCs over time, would have to buy it again. This caused many users to be dissatisfied.  


Remedy is now working on some new projects, including a big budget game and a smaller title in partnership with epic Games. The company will also continue to take care of Smilegate's online game “Crossfire”, while developing “Vanguard”, its own multiplayer title. 

Street: Kotaku