Apple announced this Monday (15) a free repair program for units of the Apple Watch Series 5 (from 2019) and Apple Watch SE (from 2020) that were affected by a bug in some versions of WatchOS. Because of it, the Apple Watch battery does not charge.

The bug happens when the Apple Watch goes into “power reserve” mode, something that happens when the charge is near the end. In this mode, almost all functions of the watch are turned off, except the time display on the screen, to save energy. Affected devices simply do not charge the battery, even after hours connected to the charger.


According to Apple, the bug affects watches with watchOS 7.2 or 7.3. A new version of the system, 7.3.1, is now available and corrects the problem. But devices that are stuck in backup mode will not be able to update the system, since the battery level is too low for that.

An iPhone Series 5 in power reserve mode.
An iPhone Series 5 in power reserve mode. Image: Apple

In this case, Apple recommends that the Apple Watch be placed in the charger that the user usually uses and left there for at least 30 minutes. If it still does not recharge the battery, the user should get in touch with the company's support team to arrange a free repair, which will be performed via shipment. That is, you send Apple Watch to Apple by Mail, it repairs and sends it back to you.

The Apple Watch SE has been sold in Brazil since October 2020, and starts at R $ 3.799. Apple no longer sells the Apple Watch Series 5, but still offers the Apple Watch Series 3 from R $ 2.599 and the new Apple Watch Series 6 from R $ 5.299.

Apple recently announced a recall and free exchange of the batteries of six Macbook Pro models produced between 2016 and 2017. These machines have a bug that prevents their batteries from charging beyond 1%. On the affected models, when running the latest versions of mac OS Big Sur (11.2.1) or Catalina (10.15.17) the battery indicator in the system preferences says “Service Recommended”.