In a quarter mile drag race (402 meters) in the United States, the organizers placed a Tesla Model S fully electric alongside three other strong competitors.  

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, McLaren 650S and a Corvette C5 ProCharger were chosen for the three tests. THE Tesla faced one at a time. The idea is to see if the electric car, considered one of the fastest ever made, can beat these great opponents.  


In the video, you can see that the Model S had no problem defeating the first two models. However, against the Corvette C5 ProCharger, the vehicle lost on the drag side - twice.  

It is interesting to note that the Tesla won two models considered quite powerful, with the Mustang, which has a V8 engine, and the McLaren which is a car that can cost up to $ 300 - while the Model S is a family sedan that has a starting price of $ 100. 

New versions of Model S and Model X

A Tesla announced two new versions of its Model S electric cars and Model X. Dubbed Plaid, the versions have a good makeover on both vehicles. And that goes for both the inside and the outside. 

In addition, the cars bring more power and have new entertainment screens to run even the most current games. 

In terms of changes in the external design, the new version of the Model S brings discreet updates, with emphasis on the new glass roof. 

The interior of the car has been completely redesigned: the new Model S features a modern, U-shaped steering wheel, and the rear seats have been redesigned, gaining extra legroom. There is also a retractable arm with integrated storage and wireless charging technology. 

O Model X, which is the Tesla SUV, also received some touches, but much more discreet than those seen in the Model S. 

The vehicle's internal design has been retained, but the U-shaped steering wheel and new screens on the main panel and rear seat have also been incorporated into the car. 

The two “revamped” versions of Tesla should start to be delivered as of this month 2021. 

Street: InsideEvs