O WhatsApp it is undoubtedly one of the most used applications in the world and has already entered the routine of more than 2 billion users. Thinking of making life easier for people who use the app, the company launched in 2015 WhatsApp Web, a version to be used on computers and which has the same functionality as the app, but is flawed in some points, as in the possibility to edit photos.

In the application for Android and iOS phones it is possible to send text or audio messages, make voice or video calls, in addition to being able to forward photos and videos to contacts, as well as in the web version. However, in the mobile version it is possible to edit the photos within the app itself before sending them.


This function does not exist within WhatsApp Web, and with that in mind, an extension for Google Chrome has been created that allows users to edit photos before forwarding them. The only difference is that the photo, instead of being sent as a file, will be sent in a link format.

To add the extension users must access the Paint for WhatsApp Web.

Here's how to edit photos before sending them on WhatsApp:

1 - Open your conversation on the platform and open the photo you want to send;

2 - After selecting the photo, right click on the “Preview” tab and choose the option “Edit and Share with Paint for WhatsApp Web”;

Print WhatsApp Web. Image: Olhar Digital

3 - Edit the photo the way you prefer and click select “Share” to send it;

Print do Paint for WhatsApp Web. Image: Olhar Digital

4 - Select the contact to whom you want to send the edited photo and forward the link that was automatically generated.

Print WhatsApp Web. Image: Olhar Digital

Ready! Now you know how to edit photos before uploading them on WhatsApp Web

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