Since they started to emerge, smart watches have been falling in people's taste due to the various small activities that they can facilitate during the day. Already a brand of tradition that has some smart watches in Brazil is Huawei, some of which are for those who like sports like the Huawei Watch Fit.

This watch comes with a very elegant system and can be used for almost any activity, including swimming. THE Olhar Digital received a unit of Huawei Watch Fit for testing and tells below what you think of it. Check out!


Design, finish and canvas

The look of the Huawei Watch Fit is very discreet, and most of its finish is made of durable polymer fiber, despite the fact that it looks metal, mainly due to its edges. In general, it ends up being very light and comfortable and, even without having used watches for a long time, I didn't feel bothered by its weight or anything like that.

Huawei Watch Fit - Finish

Regarding the bracelet, personally, I found that it is made of a product that appears to be very resistant. Not only that, a positive point, is that even on the hottest days, she didn’t leave my wrist with sweat or anything.

One point that Huawei Watch Fit really impresses is the quality of its screen, which features a 1,64 inch Amoled display. In general, the colors shown are very vivid and the image quality is good, but of course, don't expect it to be the same as an Amoled display for cell phones, since the pixel density here is lower.

Huawei Watch Fit - Screen

Despite these compliments, I still think there were some adjustment points missing from the clock. At first, until I got used to the Huawei Watch Fit, it was always too tight or too loose, and a few more points for adjusting the bracelet would be welcome. Here, it is worth remembering, it is possible to change the watch band, but I will not go into details on how to do it since I did not have any other bracelets to put on it.


At the bottom of the screen, there is the place to connect the cable that charges the Huawei Watch Fit. Here, exactly, it is critical to have opted for a proprietary cable, since if you lose it, you will no longer be able to charge your device. Not only that, despite having a magnetism system, the cable does not always fit at first even when it is on a flat surface.

Still regarding the finish, the Huawei Watch Fit is water resistant up to and including 50 meters, being suitable for swimming. Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to do this activity with him, but I had no problem with the device when it came into contact with the water even though it was submerged.

Huawei Watch Fit system and performance

Just as you may have noticed by name and some of its features, Huawei Watch Fit is a smart watch for those who are looking to monitor their physical activities. For this, it runs the Lite OS system, which has a very simple (in a good sense) and friendly interface.

On your main screen, as with most smart watches, you can always see battery level, miles traveled, calories burned, average heart rate, time, temperature and number of steps taken. In addition to the standard interface already fulfilling its role, the application also has a series of themes for you to change your look when you deem necessary.

By sliding the screen sideways (right and left), you can also browse the main functions that Huawei Watch Fit monitors, namely: heart rate, stress level, time, music control being played on the cell phone and summary of its activities physical day. By sliding the screen upwards, you have access to notifications received on the cell phone, while by sliding it down, you can activate the do not disturb mode, put the device in standby mode, locate your cell phone and set an alarm.

To start using Huawei Watch Fit, the user must first install the Huawei Health application on their Android or iOS phone (iPhone system). Despite this, many activities, including hiking, can be done without your cell phone being with you, as the watch will synchronize data when the connection is redone.

When starting with the order in which Huawei Watch Fit itself adopts for its interface, the heartbeat of whoever is using it is always monitored and the device shows its average with a simple to understand report. In addition to being displayed in this way, when measuring blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), Huawei Watch Fit will also show your heart rate more accurately.

Huawei Watch Fit - Heartbeat

Stress monitoring is also done in real time, although you can also take your measurement manually. Through the clock screen, you have access to only a basic report of how much the levels really were, while in Huawei Health, the mobile app, you have access to some extra data.

Huawei Watch Fit - Stress monitoring

The sleep monitoring function is not exposed on the “main screens” of Huawei Watch Fit, but it works very well and automatically, that is, you do not need to notify the device when you went to sleep. Personally, the monitoring of this function surprised me in a very positive way, since in Huawei Health it is possible to check when you had a light, deep, night or REM sleep. The only part I didn't like was the “nap” detector, which was not always able to identify all of my naps over the weekend.

Whoever deserves a special highlight is the Huawei Watch Fit training monitoring tool. In total, there are approximately 96 different types of workouts that can be monitored, all of which show the main information you need to know such as elapsed time, calories burned and heart rate.

Huawei Watch Fit - Some type of training

After you have done a workout, of course, his record is stored on both Huawei Watch Fit and Huawei Health and you can check his main information later. One more interesting feature, however, is that for you to “not sit still for a long time”, Huawei Watch Fit itself will show you some stretching exercises. In addition to them, other aerobic activities, for example, also have some exercises that can be done following the device's screen.

Huawei Watch Fit - Activity example

Another very pleasant activity to be carried out with the Huawei Watch Fit is due to the walks, especially outdoors. Like some other premium smart watches, it has an integrated GPS, meaning you don't have to take your phone with you. In my tests, limited by pandemic times, the device detected the routes I traveled with it very accurately.

Huawei Health - Walk log

Despite all praise for these activities above, the Huawei Watch Fit proves to be “basic” for other tasks. For example, with the exception of calls, the other notifications do not offer any interaction options and cannot even be dismissed on the spot (you can just delete them from the history).

In addition, at various times, I received duplicate notifications and the watch lost its pairing, requiring it to reopen Huawei Health manually to restore the connection. Like other more basic devices, it also does not allow the installation of third party applications on it, including music streaming services can be controlled by it, but they must be running on the phone.


In terms of autonomy, personally, Huawei Watch Fit pleased me and I needed approximately 7 days to have to recharge it. This, of course, when having performed all the activities mentioned above.

Although 7 days does not seem like much for some smart watches, I must point out that I used very little the do not disturb mode, which disables the function “activate the screen when lifting” and this consumes a lot of load. Its loading is done in approximately one hour.

Huawei Watch Fit price and availability in Brazil

The Huawei Watch Fit was officially launched in Brazil in December 2020 with the suggested price of R $ 899,00 or R $ 809,00 in cash.


The Huawei Watch Fit is really a very interesting smart watch for those who are more interested in performing physical activities and doing some monitoring also in relation to their health. Its Amoled screen really presents a great quality and the system ends up being very responsive.

So, what people might miss is the possibility to use certain features without depending on the cell phone. In addition, it is worth noting, it also does not have NFC and this can be a turning point when buying people.