Users of some cell phones with Android were surprised this Sunday (21) with an hour delay on the clocks. The blame is on daylight saving time, which is not in effect, but which ended up affecting some devices, which had their time changed automatically at midnight.

The problem was recorded mainly on smartphones with versions prior to Android 10, which was launched in 2019, when President Jair Bolsonaro revoked daylight saving time.


These older phones may not have the information to prevent the change. If it were still in effect, daylight saving time would end this Sunday (21).

The devices that did not have a change in the clock have already been updated by the manufacturers or are following rules sent by the networks of the telephone operators.

Did the clock go by itself? Here's how to fix it:

It is very simple to correct the problem and avoid headaches in the summers to come. On Android devices, just touch the “Configure” icon and then the “Date and time” option. In this menu, uncheck the option "Automatic date and time" and manually set the correct time.

Setting date and time on Android phone
Android phone print. Image: Olhar Digital

Daylight saving time in Brazil and worldwide

Daylight saving time was instituted and revoked in several periods in Brazil with the objective of reducing the consumption of electricity. It came into force for the first time by President Getúlio Vargas between October 3, 1931 and March 31, 1932.


The measure returned the following year, but later it was adopted in specific periods: between 1949 and 1953 and, later, from 1963 to 1968. Finally, it had its longest phase, from 1985 until April 2019, when it was revoked by decree.

Special hours are available in 70 countries such as Canada, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Source: G1

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