Tesla, which obtained billionaire profit investing in bitcoins, announced that it has stopped accepting new orders of model Model Y 'standard range'. Elon Musk's vehicle, the second cheapest in its product portfolio, was being offered with discount of US $ 2 thousand (R $ 11 thousand), which boosted the sale of all units in the last days.

The entry model of the Model Y cost US $ 41.990 (R $ 232 thousand). Since last Thursday (19), the electric vehicle was being negotiated for US $ 39.990 (R $ 220 thousand). The automaker even let it list it on the company's official website.


The portal ELECTrek also reported that the Model Y 'long range', version with longer battery life, was also being offered with a $ 1 discount. The model is being sold by Tesla for US $ 48.990 (R $ 270), the lowest value in the company's vehicle category shipped with more battery cells.

The most basic Model Y has a range of more than 390 km before having to stop at a charging station, while the SUV in its 'long range' version can travel up to 525 km.

According to the publication, Tesla has not yet confirmed whether the offers are temporary or permanent.

Model Y is also featured in China

Tesla Model Y
Price reduction policy has heated up the electric car market in China. Image: jetcityimage / iStock

In China, one of the most important markets of the segment, the automaker started delivering the first units of the Model Y. There, according to the news site Shine, the 'long range' and 'performance' versions, with more powerful electric motors, are being negotiated for almost a third of the original price practiced in August last year.


Demand continues to grow in the country. Since July last year, Tesla has sold more than 11 units of vehicles, and total sales in the category have risen by almost 20%. It is worth remembering that Tesla continues to work to deliver an even cheaper electric vehicle model. In September last year, CEO Elon Musk, now the second person richest in the world, announced that the company "will offer within three years an electric and fully autonomous vehicle for US $ 25 thousand (R $ 140 thousand)".

According to the automaker, the model in question will enter the development process in 2021 at Tesla's research center in Shanghai, China.

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