One of the features found in Tesla cars is the "call" feature, which allows you to "call" the car to the location of the vehicle owner. For being something that seems straight out of films of Science fiction, some people may be frightened by a car driving without a driver around.  

It happened to a woman in Pennsylvania. She was parked next to a Tesla Model 3 when the vehicle started moving on its own, with no one inside. The owner of the car called him to leave the parking space where he was parked.  


In a video captured by the car itself, it is possible to see the woman, visibly terrified, thinking that the vehicle it was out of control. She runs after the car and tries to stop it. Without knowing that he is just following a command from his owner. The owner, upon seeing the scene, stops Tesla and explains to the woman what happened.  

“I was leaving a restaurant in West Chester and calling my Tesla Model 3. A woman saw the car moving with no one in it and thought it was out of control. She then ran to catch him. As soon as I saw what was going on, I stopped Tesla. Obviously, the lady was very ashamed. But I thought it was so nice of her to go out of her way to avoid what she considered a disaster ”, reveals the car owner in the video description on YouTube.  

Although the woman was ashamed, she had no way of knowing about the car. She was just trying to be useful.  

Tesla Model 3 Sentry Mode

The video was recorded by another feature in the car, called Sentry Mode. It is a surveillance system integrated with the brand's vehicles. The functionality uses the autopilot cameras scattered around the car. The main objective is to record potential vandalism or an accident.  


The feature was launched as a response to thieves who started targeting Tesla vehicles. Resulting in many cars with broken videos and lost valuables. Since its launch, the system has been responsible for capturar various situations, such as attempted theft and vandalism. 

Street: ELECTrek

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