Netflix constantly updates its catalog with new series, movies and other video productions to please your subscribers by giving them something to watch. In order not to miss anything good that enters the service, it is always good to keep an eye on the list of Netflix releases of the week. 

In relation to series, this week, the highlight goes to the original title 'Intervention Canine' which shows the work of a trainer with problematic dogs. In documentaries, the one who deserves special attention is 'Pelé', a production that tells the trajectory of the ace since he was just a boy. 


As for films, Netflix also has some news, but the highlight is due to the arrival of the title 'Madness of Love'. In it, after a romantic night, a man discovers that, to find his beloved, he must be admitted to the same psychiatric hospital as her. Next, check out the Netflix releases for this week. 


The titles listed below may change on their release date without prior notice from Netflix. 

Netflix Releases 


Ginny and Georgia - Season 1

In search of a new chance, Georgia takes her children Ginny and Austin to live in another city. But starting over from scratch is not that simple.

TV shows, stand-ups, shows and reality shows 

Canine Intervention - Season 1

For Jas Leverette, no dog, breed or behavior is impossible to fix. Follow the work of this Oakland trainer with several dogs and their owners. 


Flops: No Secret Agents

Brazilian feature film, starring Lucas Rangel and Danielle Diniz, places spies to investigate the corruption scheme of a company that deals with animals.  

M8 - When Death Helps Life

Brazilian production tells the story of a young black man who, when he enters medical school, discovers that the body that will be used in anatomy classes is that of a black man.  

Love madness

After a very crazy night together, Adri discovers that the only way to find Carla again is to check into the psychiatric center where she lives. 

In the Same Wave

A summer passion born in the Sicilian sun quickly turns into a painful love story that forces a young couple to mature. 

The Girl on the Train

Rachel (Emily Blunt), an unemployed and depressed alcoholic, suffers from her recent divorce. Every morning she travels by train from Ashbury to London, fantasizing about the life of a young couple who watches out the window. One day she witnesses a shocking scene and later discovers that the woman is missing. Restless, Rachel turns to the police and finds herself completely involved in the mystery. 



Against the backdrop of a turbulent era in Brazil's history, this documentary shows Pelé's extraordinary trajectory, from young star to national hero. 

Drawings, anime and children's programming 

Tenku Shinpan - No Way Out

Anime, which is based on a manga of the same name, tells the story of Yuri, a high school student who suddenly realizes that she is trapped in a world full of skyscrapers in which masked people search the corridors of each building in search of people to kill. 

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