The new models of work and teaching resulting from the demands imposed by the pandemic significantly increased the demand for aplicativos videoconferencing.

However, most platforms require installing apps on your computer or cell, which can often be impracticable due to lack of storage. Thinking about it, servers were created that work in the browser itself, without needing any download.


Some of most popular applications already offer this functionality, such as Zoom Meetings and Skype, but there are others that do not need to be downloaded and work through extensions added to the browser.

1 - Skype

Skype. Image: Alexey Boldin / Shutterstock

The application launched in 2003 is undoubtedly the pioneer when it comes to video conferencing, however, many users are unaware that it is possible to make voice, video, local calls and file sharing using the browser directly.

To use the service, the user must access the website Skype Web and login with your email and password registered on the platform.

2 - Zoom Meetings

Zoom. Credits: Shutterstock

The application was one of the most popular in 2020 for allowing free meetings for up to 100 users. Meetings can be made through the application available for Android, iOS and PC, or on official website the platform.

Zoom users can create videoconferences and invite friends or co-workers through a link generated on the platform.

3 - VideoCallMeeting

VideoCallMeeting. Credits: Disclosure

The platform was created to function as an extension in Google Chrome. Enough install the extension to conduct a video conference, without even having to login. Meeting participants can find it through a link generated by the room's creator, or by a pre-defined name.

4 - Houseparty

Houseparty. Credits: Disclosure

Designed to bring friends together during the Covid-19 pandemic, Houseparty allows users to play through a browser extension, or the app for Android and iOS phones.

Ready! Now you know how to make a video conference without having to install any application.

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