Arthur, Gilberto and Karol Conká are on the triple wall that will have one of the participants eliminated from the Big Brother Brazil this Tuesday (23). To vote for BBB 21 you need to create a Globo account in which registration is simple and free, or do it with a Facebook or Google.

If it is your first registration, you will receive an email to confirm and activate your Globo Account. From there you can vote for the entire reality show season.


Click here to vote on the wall between Arthur, Gilberto and Karol Conká.

The Big Brother Brasil page on Gshow indicates that the internet connection must be good to guarantee the conclusion of the vote and that the voting system used in BBB and other Globo reality shows has security and monitoring mechanisms.

Minors between 8 and 16 years old must appoint a guardian to authorize continued access to the Globo account. This procedure is necessary due to the adaptation process with the General Data Protection Law (Law No. 13.709 / 2018).

According to the broadcaster, different factors are combined to ensure voting safety. The technology teams also monitor the functioning of the voting system throughout the period when the wall is open.


“We have no indication of votes cast by robots, or any other fraud mechanisms, that impact the dynamics of the program. Any attempt to automate votes would be subject to control and security validations, which are applied in the processing of each vote ”, informs Globo.

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BBB 21 audience is on the rise

According to data provided by TV Globo, Big Brother Brasil 2021 has already surpassed the average audience in the accumulated of the previous eight editions in São Paulo, with 28 points and the highest weekly participation average of the current season. In Rio de Janeiro, the first three weeks exceeded the average audience and participation of the previous five editions: an average of 29 points.

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