LinkedIn is considered the largest professional social network. There are more than 690 million users worldwide, more than 43 million in Brazil alone. Despite the great success, many users report not knowing how to build an attractive profile on the platform that aims to connect companies with candidates.

The social network was created in 2003 and has already intermediated more than 4 million jobs, between hiring and relocation. Such success sparked interest from internet giants, such as itself Microsoft, which bought LinkedIn for $ 26,2 billion in 2016.


The main focus of the platform is to generate connections between people from all over the world, in order to promote the exchange of experiences, in addition to facilitating the search for companies by candidates that fit the profile sought. But, for this to happen with excellence, the platform itself discloses ways to edit and create interesting profiles that encourage the use of the professional social network.

Professional profile on LinkedIn. Image: Disclosure

Here's how to create a champion profile on Linkedin:

1 - According to the company, the first step is to understand that the LinkedIn profile is a page with a professional destination where it is possible to manage your personal brand. Tell people who you are, what you do, what you're interested in and what you represent;

2 - Another important step is to add a professional photo to your profile. According to the social network, profiles with photos generate up to 21 times more views than those without an identification image;

3 - Create a title that stands out! This space will be automatically generated by filling in your positions, but you can edit it to promote your area of ​​expertise or a striking feature of your professional personality;


4 - Use the "About" tab to create a summary that describes you, it is also possible to use bookmarks. Remember to be objective and focus on your mission, skills and motivation, respecting the limit of two paragraphs;

5 - Add your work and academic experience. You can also add media samples to provide access to your professional portfolio. Keep your profile up to date with the experiences you feel with your current career focus;

Add your skills and competencies to your LinkedIn profile. Image: Gerd Altmann / Pixabay

6 - LinkedIn allows you to add your skills, those strengths of your personality. Competencies can be assessed by other users, strengthening the likelihood that you will be discovered for opportunities related to the competencies you have;

7 - The last step, but not the least, is to ask your connections for written recommendations. This act proves your skills and personality described in the profile. Users must approve recommendations sent by third parties and can hide them when necessary.

Now that you know how to create a champion profile on LinkedIn just access the official platform website and do yours!

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