Scientists discover depth of the largest sea on Saturn's moon

Redaction February 22rd, 2021

Scientists were able to measure the depth of the Kraken Mare, an ocean of methane that is located on Saturn's largest moon, known as Titan. It is estimated that the depth is at least 300 meters, and can be even deeper.

For comparison, this is close to the maximum depth reached by a nuclear submarine here on Earth.


Titan is known by astronomers as "the world most like ours". Like Earth, Saturn's moon has a dense, nitrogen-rich atmosphere. Besides being one of the few places with climate, rain, rivers and seas.

Along with Earth, Titan is the only place in the universe that is known to have liquids on its surface. But, it is worth mentioning that, unlike here, there is no rain of water, but a compound similar to gasoline ...

Recently, NASA announced that it has plans to launch a drone towards Saturn's moon. In addition to an orbiter, a floating probe and a robotic submarine to study and understand a little more about what happens there.