Um study conducted by researchers at the George Institute for Global Health, Australia, concluded that asthma it is not a factor which increases the risk of death by Covid-19. The scientists analyzed 587.280 samples from 57 studies from countries in Asia, Europe and North and South America.

About 350 of them were from people infected with the new coronavirus. Based on them, experts found that the proportion of serious cases between asthmatics and the general population was similar. The rate of serious infections among asthmatics was 14% lower, with a similar number of deaths between those who had asthma and those who did not.

Person using an asthma inhaler
Asthma inhaler can limit the virus's ability to install itself in the lungs. Credit: Shutterstock

According to Christine Jenkins, head of the institute's Respiratory Program, the reasons for the lower rate of serious infections were unclear. One hypothesis, however, is that inhalers are able to limit the ability of the new coronavirus to install itself in the lungs.

She claims that the chemical receptors in this organ are less active in people with a specific type of asthma. "And some studies suggest that corticosteroids present in inhalers may reduce the activity of the microorganism that causes Covid-19," he adds.

Asthmatics may have respected social distancing more

Initially, it was not known whether asthma was a risk factor for Covid-19, such as diabetes and obesity, for example. This caused a second hypothesis to be raised: that asthmatics respected the social distancing protocols more. 

For Christine, the initial uncertainty about the impact of asthma on Covid-19 may have caused anxiety among patients and caregivers. "This may have made him more vigilant about preventing infection," he suggests. 


This initial fear that asthmatics were more susceptible to severe cases of Covid-19 followed the pattern of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). She was epidemic in mid-2012 and has asthma in a factor that increases the risk of death. 

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