A totally Brazilian vaccine against Covid-19 it may be closer than we imagined. Researchers from CT-Vacinas (Vaccine Technology Center) of UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais) completed the first phase of testing a immunizing, and the Brazilian vaccine may be ready in one year.

Studies of UFMG researchers now enter the second stage of testing, which will now analyze the performance of the immunizer in humans. The expectation is that the studies will last between 12 and 14 months until the vaccine can be analyzed and approved by health agencies, thus starting production and distribution to the population.


The vaccine of UFMG researchers does not yet have a name, but the coordinator of CT-Vaccines, Ana Paula Fernandes, guarantees that the immunizer has a great advantage over those produced by the Butantan Institute, in São Paulo, and the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation ( Fiocruz), in Rio de Janeiro: the necessary inputs for its manufacture are all produced in Brazil.

Brazilian vaccine depends on resources

The news of advances in studies for the production of a vaccine with national technology is great, but everything can end up being in vain if CT-Vacinas does not have the necessary funds to continue the research.

Vaccine drive-thru
Brazilian vaccine can be ready in up to a year. Photo: Photocarioca / Shutterstock

The biggest problem is when the funds will reach the institutes responsible for the study: unimpeded and with everything going as planned, the 12 to 14 month calendar can be maintained. But any interruption could delay the Brazilian vaccine.

According to Ana Paula Fernandes, the new stage of the research, involving clinical tests on humans, needs R $ 300 million to be carried out. One of the following phases may require more than R $ 100 million. To scientists, however, he guarantees that, although it seems a lot, the investment is less than that made for the transfer of foreign technology, as in other immunizers.

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