The month of January 2021 presented the best number of sales of eletric cars the past six years. More than 321 thousand were sold vehicles of this type in the first month of the year, an increase of 112% compared to January 2020, according to the EV Sales Blog.

It is already the fourth consecutive month that the monthly numbers have doubled. From October to December 2020, the percentage of increase presented was similar, when compared to the years previously evaluated.


Sales of all-electric cars are growing faster than hybrid vehicles, largely due to demand in China. This makes the Chinese market the main responsible for the total growth.

The best-selling cars, of the all-electric, are also from the country. THE Hongguang Mini EV, from the merger of SAIC and General Motors, overthrew automaker Tesla, led by Elon Musk, and took first place. Almost 36.762 vehicles were sold.

The Mini EV can carry up to four people and the rear seat goes down, increasing the trunk.
The Mini EV can carry up to four people and the rear seat goes down, increasing the trunk. Image: Hongguang / Disclosure

The compact, 2,9 meters long, 1,5 wide and 1,6 high, already promised to steal the place of the United States competitor. The cart is sold for US $ 4,1, just over R $ 23 (in the quotation of this Monday, March 1, with the dollar sold at R $ 5,63).

Even without leading, the American company carried two models at the top. After the Chinese, Tesla Model 3 and Model Y appear, with 21,5 thousand and 9,5 copies sold, respectively. In fourth place is the BYD Han EV, with 9.298, and the GW ORA Black Cat closes the top 5, with 6 thousand cars.

Elon Musk's brand was also outweighed in general sales, falling to second place, with just over 33 thousand vehicles sold. The leadership was with SGMW, which added another 2 thousand cars, in addition to the Hongguang Mini. BMW comes in third, with 20 thousand.

In addition to these brands, BYD, SAIC, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Volvo and Great Wall sold more than 10 electric cars each, in January 2021. Audi closes the top 10, with just under 9 electric vehicles traded.

Street: InsideEVs