Um very serious accident was prevented thanks to the security of autopilot of a Tesla 3, who “saw” the improper approach of a driver in the USA and reacted accordingly, protecting his owner.

The incident was captured on video and shared by the Model 3 user himself on Twitter: in it, we see that the driver of a BMW X5 tries to return to the lane where the car Tesla autopilot. Through the vehicle's side camera, it is possible to see the improper approach of the X5, followed by a brief detour made by the security system of the electric car manufacturer.


The tweet was published in response to a post by Tesla herself, which showed that its automated automotive safety systems won, for the third consecutive year, the “Top Safety + Award”, delivered by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

The published video brought several responses, suggesting that the owner of the Model 3 would find and prosecute the driver of the BMW X5, since the incident was captured on video and the license plate of the offending vehicle is clearly visible. Others said that a lawsuit would not do much good except for a warning to the reckless driver or driver.

Several speculations about the reason for overtaking have also been put forward: the most prevalent is that, as Tesla's autopilot system obeys the stipulated speed of the highway to the letter, some users have said that the person behind the wheel of the BMW X5 would be impatient , forcing a passage at a speed above the permitted - it is not clear, however, whether throwing the car against the Model 3 was intentional or not.

Animated image shows how a "PIT maneuver" is made, so that police in high-speed chase are able to stop fleeing vehicles
Example of a “PIT maneuver” by the US police: the autopilot for a Tesla car saved its owner from a similar situation. Image: WPTV / Reproduction

Were it not for Tesla's autopilot, it is likely that the rear side of the BMW X5 would hit the rear wheel of the Model 3, causing it to spin out of control. In the USA, this is known as the “PIT Maneuver” and is widely used by vehicles in high-speed police pursuits.

The author of the post did not explain if he intends to look for the person who drove the BMW X5.

Source: JBaller, via Twitter