It may seem like Elon Musk, but at least this time, it has nothing to do with it. A company called Orbital Assembly Corporation has announced its plans to extraterrestrial exploration: a private space station for 400 passengers with artificial gravity. 

The idea, which was named Voyager, was presented during an event broadcast on the company's YouTube channel on January 28. It is a gigantic wheel that would be spinning in space to create artificial gravity. 


The plans of the Orbital Assembly Corporation the project is due to start as early as 2025 and, currently, they are looking for investors to finance the station. If it gets off the ground, Voyager will be the largest enterprise built by man outside of Earth.

A hotel in space

The 400 guests at the space station will be able to enjoy something that can be compared to a hotel in space, as Voyager promises to have bars, libraries, gyms, casino and spa.

But before sending its crown jewel, the Orbital Assembly Corporation plans to put some pilot projects into orbit, such as a smaller-scale prototype, 60 meters in diameter, that must rotate fast enough to simulate Mars' gravity.

After that, the company must send a giant robot called the Structure Truss Assembly Robot (STAR), which will have the function of building Voyager, assembling it piece by piece while it is in orbit.

Private Space Station: new industrial revolution

Voyager's construction cost is expected to be about $ 1 trillion. Credit: Orbital Assembly Corporation

For the company's CEO, John Blincow, the construction of Voyager will start what will be “the next industrial revolution”. For this, the Orbital Assembly Corporation has experienced people, such as veterinarians, engineers and pilots who have worked for NASA. 

However, although the idea is ambitious, this joke will not be less than US $ 1 trillion (R $ 5,60 trillion), which should create a huge difficulty for the company to get enough investment to get its plans off the ground and it must be quite a hindrance to Blincow's dreams. 

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