One year after the outbreak of the Covid-19, Apple finally managed to reopen all of its stores in the U.S. for the first time. Since March 2020, when the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the state of the pandemic in which we live, the Cupertino company ordered the closure of all Apple Stores outside of Chinese territory - a measure that sought to prevent contagion by the coronavirus (Sars-Cov-2).

Since then, reopenings and new closings have been seen throughout Apple's retail structure. Until, last Monday (1st), Apple finally reopened its last closed stores, located in the city of Houston, in the state of Texas. With that, all of the company's 270 Apple Stores in the USA are back up and running.

Image shows the Apple logo on the facade of a company store, with employees at the front measuring consumer temperatures before they enter the store
Apple stores in the U.S. are fully reopened, although measures of social restriction and distance are still in place. Image: michelmond / Shutterstock

Evidently, the reopening did not come without adaptations: the USA is still the biggest infection point for Covid-19 in the world, with almost 29 million confirmed cases and just over 514 thousand deaths, according to the map prepared by the Google. Therefore, Apple still requires consumers to obey physical distance measures, in addition to using wearing masks at all times and promote hand hygiene at the entrance to stores, where temperature measurements and other health parameters will also be taken.

Brazilian stores remain closed

Over the past year, Apple has been forced to reopen some locations around the world in an “express” format. Basically, this means that complete stores ended up having their structures reduced to serve only as a service to redeem products that consumers purchased online. These stores are also being "converted" to their original format to allow face-to-face service.

Gradually, Apple is recovering from the effects of the pandemic: recently, the company also opened a new Apple Store in South Korea, inside the island of Yeouido, in the capital Seoul - the second in the city, according to reports our Vida Celular partners.

Outside the US, according to 9to5Mac, just over 12 Apple stores remain closed - in countries including France and Brazil. In Mexico, the complete reopening of Apple Stores is scheduled for today (2).

Source: 9to5Mac, Google Covid-19 Map