Company to recycle batteries of electric scooters in portable speakers

Redaction March 2th, 2021

The English Gomi will use battery cells of scooters and electric bicycles to produce bluetooth speakers, called Gomi Speakers.

The company's engineers found that old batteries are no longer suitable for scooters because of high consumption, but they still accumulate enough charge for use in less demanding devices, such as speakers.


Each box has 25 watts of power, and charge for 20 hours of music. The obvious benefit for the environment is not only in batteries. The structure of the Gomi Speakers is made of recycled garbage bags. Each one needs a hundred bags to be produced.

However, Gomi Speakers are mono. In order to have stereo quality sound, you have to buy two, which does not come very cheap.

The initial purchase price for a Kickstarter campaign is 129 pounds, or approximately one thousand reais each. To attract more green consumers, the company still offers a repair service forever. Thus, the boxes do not have to go back to the trash.

Ah, if the project goes well, deliveries should start in November this year. I hope they can, isn't it? The environment thanks you ...