Google Photos fails to recommend the “high quality” mode itself

Redaction March 2th, 2021

Google Photos no longer recommends its “high quality storage” mode. Yes, Google itself forwarded emails to some users saying that they had better stop using the feature.

The tool, used to compress images and save space, showed serious flaws in the resolution.


Google Photos offers two quality options for backing up photos: “high quality”, which compresses at 16 MP to save storage, and “original quality”, which stores files at the same resolution at the time of capture.

However, Google warns that photos uploaded in high quality mode may appear too many pixels compared to the originals.

In the message to users, the company adds that “original quality photos preserve most details and allow you to enlarge, crop and print photos with less pixelation”.

Previously, Google had stated that its option to upload “high quality” images was “almost identical” to the original.